Uniformly Rigidized

The materials I have been so accustom to working with over the last 6 months have been given a facelift. Having an assortment of newly rigidized samples, I began the all too familiar process of laminating different material combinations and testing their performance to see if the uniform pattern has a positive or negative effect on the strips displacement. True to its name, the simple pattern had a large stabilizing effect in the sheet material upon handling and I was weary of its effect once laminated, with expectations that it would stifle the deflection. While adding the uniform pattern to the polystyrene resulted in stifled movement, the use of patterned steel foil in the bi-material lamination offered comparable results (to the previous un-patterned laminations) while adding stability to the thin strips. This simple addition has the potential to address the lingering issue encountered when designing a system that requires relatively thin material (for increased movement) yet must maintain a particular level of structural performance in order to counteract wind loads. Our interests now lie in a linear pattern that will stabilize as well as control/direct the movement of the strip as well as some exploration into much stronger and thicker hex-core panels and their potential for deflection (as inspired by the rail road car anecdote).

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