Division of Research

The project is now simultaneously move forward in with three distinct areas of focus;

  • Perfecting the bi-material strip that is used to actuate the “butterfly”
  • Designing the butterfly unit, its materiality and the crucial connection detail between spine and wing.
  • Investigating the effect of geometry and aggregation as these units are multiplied into a system.

The most pressing of these is “perfecting” the bi-material strip.  While I continue to laminate and test new strip combinations as Rigididized Metals provides me with new patterns, I have finally began more closely investigating the adhesive layer between the two materials. And by “I”, I mean Eric Ekert, Territory Manager of HAR Adhesives who I visited by suggestion from Dan. Eric has worked with Rigidized before and was very welcoming to my unexpected visit and inquiry about designing an adhesive that had to negotiate the complex set of requirements we are asking of this lamination (most notably a strong adhesion, unaffected by heat while remaining flexible.

Until now, I have simply been using a readily available off the shelf epoxy. While it has provided positive results, it has its downfalls and I certainly look forward to the potential that a designed adhesive could add to this third, and most overlooked, layer of the lamination. As of today, Eric has being in contact with the expertise at 3 large adhesive vendors, and they are sharing idea’s and formulas for potential options.

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