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Thinking Forward.

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Automated Transformations of Auxetic Aggregations

As I hinted to a few days ago, the first prototype “panel” has been constructed. I use the word panel loosely because the focus is actually on the aggregation of units and how they interact with the adjoining butterfly pieces. In preparation for … Continue reading

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Transformation During Transportation

The first prototype panel has been completed and a promising thing happened while transporting it to my studio today. It was a brisk 41 Degrees this morning when I placed the panel in the back seat of my car, causing the units … Continue reading

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Rigid Flexibility?

Let me clear up this apparent oxymoron. While developing an automated sun screening system there are many additional factors we must contend with, including high wind loads. The first and maybe most obvious option is to scale up the material … Continue reading

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Division of Research

The project is now simultaneously move forward in with three distinct areas of focus; Perfecting the bi-material strip that is used to actuate the “butterfly” Designing the butterfly unit, its materiality and the crucial connection detail between spine and wing. … Continue reading

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Current investigations have shifted from the previous technique of simply multiplying strips to accumulate larger deflections to a leverage approach by seeking to understand how a small deflection can produce a much more dramatic transformation. This inquiry has resulted in … Continue reading

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Uniformly Rigidized

The materials I have been so accustom to working with over the last 6 months have been given a facelift. Having an assortment of newly rigidized samples, I began the all too familiar process of laminating different material combinations and … Continue reading

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